ALTAIRA/BLOTTO!: Drunks Not Dead: Split 7”

Apr 05, 2006

Goddamn, where does Snuffy Smile find these bands, man? If this label was from the States and was more interested in putting out CDEPs than 7”s and included 8” x 10” promo glossies with all of their releases, they’d be bigger than Adeline by now. As it is, they consistently manage to put out some of the most catchy, aggressive, and hook-laden pop punk around, from bands all over the world. This one’s no exception. With this record, both of these bands (Altaira’s from the States and Blotto’s from Japan) find themselves placed immediately right there in the upper tiers. Alongside Rivethead, Smalltown, the Thumbs, D4, and Snuggle, both of these groups are stellar at writing granite-solid pop punk tunes that manage to not only not be about girls, but also convey some modicum of intelligence and passion, even with Blotto’s slightly skewed English. Granted, it’s easier to put out a solid side of one 7” than it is to put out a solid LP, but the fact remains that I’m hooked, and I’ll be keeping my eyes out for anything I can find by both of these bands. I’m not trying to be all a-flutter here, but I just cannot get enough of this record. Nice job all around.

 –keith (Snuffy Smile)