ALTAIRA/ BLOTTO: Drunks Not Dead: Split 7"

Jun 27, 2007

It makes some sort of morbid sense that the most-realized, stratospheric, and emotionally convincing songs Altaira make are on their swan song. These dudes in San Diego have flirted with bushy-beard era Hot Water Music and post Hairbrained Scheme Addicts Tiltwheel for some time—that hairy-voiced, drunk desperation slipping into elation, mixed about with goodguy musical fisticuffs. They finally got a locker with a combination all their own and their corsage to the big dance, then kaput. Two of my favorite songs by the band. Blotto: Japan needs to invade America again. Bomb the shit out of the airwaves. Make babies who play flawless guitars and say things like “And I want to shoot my head which is poor.” I’m not fibbing when I say they’re standing on the dynamite barrel of Dillinger Four while pulling down the Clash’s socks and making a racket that Crimpshrine would be proud of. Oh, yes. Fucking outstanding split.

 –todd (Snuffy Smile)