ALRIGHTEES, THE: The Alrightees EP: 7"

Sep 25, 2007

Picture yourself asleep and hungover from the night before. You’re trying to sleep it off, but the thrashing of the garbage truck outside pierces your eardrums in such an unwelcome way that you just want to yank off your ears and crawl into the wall. Yeah, I would use this record to wake up unwelcome guests and scare off the parental units. It’s that irritatingly noisy. I respect that, and as charming as The Alrightees come off, it’s still lacking that extra something. The music is right on, but the vocals are scaring me off. It’s almost like taking a pile of shit and then adding more shit to it. Maybe if they just pissed on that turd instead of emptying the rest of their bowels out on an already full bowl… Still, I kinda like this here record, and not just because the cover has a cartoon of a killer panda getting rained on in blood.

 –Dave Disorder (Boom Chick,