Nov 07, 2008

A split with two up-and-coming bands from Germany. Alpinist: Seem to have the formula right. The music is pummeling and dark while falling in the crust genre. Screamed vocals power forward through the speakers as the charging guitars cut through. Amazing drumming that is far from generic. They’re definitely an apocalyptic journey of sound. I just wish it was a bit more bass heavy and darker. To me, it sounded a bit bright. Finisterre: My personal favorite of the two, the band plays more of traditional d-beat meets crust than the latter. But they also infuse a sense of melody under the distortion. It adds to the music and gives it more textured layers. Not a pretty sound in the slightest, though. The music is mid-tempo but is bottom heavy and played with a mean streak of anger. Also, the guttural vocals add to the picture of unrest that I believe they are portraying in their songs. Another co-released by Sengaja, Acclaim Collective, Phobiact, Subversive Ways, Bad Pingu, Humidad y Honestidad, Contraszt!, and Threat of Today.

 –don (Contraszt!)

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