ALPHABET CULT: Self-titled: Cassette

My severe marijuana allergy has me at a bit of a loss while trying to connect to Reno trio Alphabet Cult’s self-described “noise/stoner/yarn art rock,” but their post-punk aspirations on tracks such as “Overt” resonate with the lukewarm Fugazi fan in me. Talky vocals provided by guitarist Cyril Beatty and bassist Leah Ruby’s occasional pubescent boy vocal cracks play well with the dirty, noisy production, as drummer Darren Barnes stays high on his cymbals like he’s playing a game of “hot lava” with the rest of his kit. The acid trip lyrics scattered throughout the ten tracks on this eponymous cassette—most notably on the spooky intro to “The Whiteness” and the early Les Savy Fav-infused “Child 5”—probably sidle close to whatever “yarn art rock” means, but I’m not cool enough to know for sure. 

 –Kelley O’Death (Intruder Alert!)