Jul 10, 2009

Almost There: hyper-melodic pop punk that has more than a slight cribbing of Face To Face's Don't Turn Away LP. Their second song, despite it being chock full of naiveté, and the questionable ballad-like break down, ain't too bad because the instruments make a trampoline, twining together in a strong balance, allowing the song to bounce and soar in parts. Saving Face: There was this band called My Pal Trigger that, early on, was fucking great. Then something happened. Their later stuff blew goats. Saving Face – with their male and female swapping vocals, clear and jumpy instruments, and cool melodies falls between the suckass MPT and the really great MPT. They had me singing along until they went into a really bad rap. D'oh. Mediocre result for both bands. –Todd (High Fidelity)



 –todd (High Fidelity)