ALMIGHTY LUMBERJACKS OF DEATH: Always out of Control, But Never out of Beer: CD

Jun 25, 2006

The lyrics to “Where are We Now?” make me kinda wonder about where these guys are coming from, especially considering the “conservative” bent of some of their other lyrics. To wit: “The liberals say ‘Equality,’ but equality is a joke/Cuz they’ve got their hands around our necks and now we start to choke… The city hall is full of shit/and so are all the schools/and now we’re waiting for the day when once again we fuckin’ rule/gave ’em welfare, gave ’em jobs and tried to educate/a century after we freed the slaves all I see is hate.” I won’t even get into the blind rah-rah patriotism of “Soul of the Storm” or the hackneyed odes to drinking and having to work that abound on this “complete collection.” The almost totally illegible font they used for the booklet didn't help matters much, either. Musically they ain’t all that bad as far as modern American skinhead stuff goes (which I realize ain’t saying much considering their competition), but I don’t really see how what they do is fundamentally any different than your average modern country music concert, Fox newscast, or Clear Channel-sponsored flag-waving rally. Ultimately, the whole thing comes off as a not-too-funny joke, which I’m pretty sure wasn’t their intention.

 –jimmy (Disconnected)