ALMIGHTY DO ME A FAVOR: Calibama b/w Hoke’s Bluff: 7”

Jun 25, 2006

One of my favorite memories in music last year was seeing the one-man-band Almighty Do Me A Favor play in a grocery center parking lot, bashing away while an upright citizen fed him a beer mid-song. It was fun. Much better than the schwangled hipster fest that was prancing by on the other side of the parking lot wall. What I wasn’t a hundred percent expecting was how good Bradley’d sound on vinyl. I mean, I knew I’d like it, but part of the charm of a one-man band is seeing all the limbs flailing, whacking all sorts of things, guitar strumming, harmonica honking, hootin’ and hollerin’. Almighty’s two songs sound like they’re being played in a loved house that is burning all around him and the only thing he can do is play. Playing somehow keeps the fire from consuming him. Both songs are, in turn, creaking and crackling; desperate and joyful; all-beautiful in an entrancing, now-destructive, now-redemptive way. It’s like the flames are on the final verge of no longer being controlled, of burning so hot that the only memories they will leave in their wake will be ash, so he’s got to dig deep to extinguish it. Not a bad feeling to get from two songs. I can see fans of Hasil Adkins and the Bassholes cottoning to this real easily.

 –todd (Kapow)