ALLVARET: Tänk På Döden: LP

In Scandinavia right now, as well as certain parts of the rest of the world, a subgenre of punk has been developing for a few years. No one dares name it for fear of tarnishing this special movement. Part of me wants to say fuck that, give a name to the genre, but I’ll be content with just explaining some of the recurring elements. Bands heavily utilize female vocals, write with post-punk influences in mind, but undeniably work in the tradition of the first wave of punk. Other bands that you know of in this genre would be Gorilla Angreb, Masshysteri, and Arctic Flowers. Allvaret sits comfortably within these sounds, while still producing an intimidating record in their own right. Perhaps sounding something like a sped-up X, if you took out all of John Doe’s vocals. Without even understanding the lyrics, the music has a tone of panic and anger. The songs have such a natural flow, I feel as if I’m cheating the record if I only put it on for a few songs. Great record, great band. Grade: A-. 

 –Bryan Static (Dirt Cult)