May 27, 2009

This split features a couple of HC bands that come from the brutal side of town musically and vocally. The first band is Allergic to Whores from Ohio. These guys spit out some rippin’ hardcore that relies heavily on distortion and dirge. Some of the songs thrash it up, making them sound like a cross between United Mutation and Antischism. When they slow it down they come off similar to a few of the mid ‘90s Ebullition bands. The vocals are traded off between the guitarist and drummer with one of the singers sounding like Martin from Los Crudos/Limpwrist. Overall, they’re pretty damn good, but there's no lyric sheet, so I’m left wondering where the hell they’re coming from. The band name alone confuses me. Allergic to Whores? Huh?!? The other band on this split is McCarthy Commission out of Pittsburgh. They follow suit with more abrasive HC. However, they fall into a more simplistic, if not crude, reign, making them not quite as interesting as ATW. Stick to the Allergic to Whores songs on this CD. –Mike Dunn

 –guest (Rodent Popsicle)