ALLERGIC TO BULLSHIT: You & Me This Is What We’re Here for and What We’re for Is What We’ll Get: 7”

Aug 07, 2006

Los Canadians, who Ivy of ATB previously sang for, had a strained appeal for me. The music didn’t grab me, but that voice… Ivy sounds like she swallowed rock candy: sweetness and gravel mixed together. She has this desperate, pleading quality to her vocals that could easily make the majority of female blues singers envious. Allergic to Bullshit makes it a lot easier for me to listen because, well, they’re fucking awesome. This recording is really dirty. There’s so much fuzz that it goes from low-fi to pretty annoying. Even with that in mind, this is well worth picking up, along with their earlier 7”, Train I Ride.

 –megan (Left off the Dial)

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