ALLEGED GUNMEN, THE: Audio Invasion: 7"

Jun 23, 2009

I’m all for The Clash. I stand by London Calling. The Alleged Gunmen make up two brand new could-be Clash songs by rearranging many distinctive pieces of from multiple songs on London Calling and filling in the particulars with their own rubber cement, so everything sounds pretty much aligned. It’s good, but it’s strange how absolutely reminiscent the song “Audio Invasion” is to very particular parts of Clash songs. Not only does it have the caw, caw, caw bird sound as the song “London Calling,” there’s some zigger fish (Mick Jones calls it a cheese grater in the song itself) and keyboard danglings that seem to come almost directly from “Revolution Rock.” Couple that to the similarity of the intent of the lyrics: “this here music smash up the nation/ this here music cause a sensation” vs. “audio invasion across the nation/ it’s a Gunman revolution,” and a huge thought bubble with a question mark pops over my head. I like it, but how close to one’s heroes does a band have to set up their microphones?

 –todd (Kapow)