ALL TIME LOW: Put up or Shut up: CD

Nov 21, 2006

All Time Low remind me of Pig-Pen, you know, the character from Peanuts who always had the dust cloud around him. Well, on one occasion, Pig-Pen decides it’s time to clean up his act (to gain the approval of the snobby Violet). But, Pig-Pen’s known for his dirt. It’s a part of him. By cleaning himself up (though he gets dirty again quickly—it’s in his nature), he becomes something that he’s not, and by changing just a few of those surface details, the entire person was changed. With bands like All Time Low: they’re like punk, but cleaned up. All the elements that make punk what it is—be it in the sound, in the politics, or in the fun—seem to be rinsed clean here. There’s still enough lingering elements to make it feel familiar, but something is definitely not right. While this was playing, I couldn’t help but imagine videos filled with panning cameras, wide legged-stances made more ridiculous by their too-tight pants, and eyes rolled upwards in the now standard (thanks Billie Joe) pop punk eyes. I like my punk like the Peanuts Gang liked Pig-Pen: dirty, not because that’s how he should be, but because that’s the only way he can be.

 –megan (Hopeless)

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