ALL THINGS END: December 5, 1933: CDEP

Jul 28, 2014

So you’re at one of those three-day fest thingies in a non-major city. You got to the venue too late and there is a line around the block to see the band you wanted to see so you consult your program and there’s this band All Things End playing at the other bar. Walking into the nearly-empty venue, you hear something you’ve heard before but it makes you wanna jump up and down and take off your shirt and high-five people you don’t know anyway. At least one of the band members has a beard, like you expected. All the songs are about the reasons why you sometimes drink yourself into oblivion, like you expected. One of the songs has a really nice horn section, not like you expected. You stagger over to the merch table and get this EP. By the time they come to your town on tour, you’ve learned all the words to their songs because you’ve had them on repeat for so long. 

 –Lisa Weiss (