Jul 17, 2009

One of my favorite bands to emerge in the last five years is back with a new disc to tickle even your mom’s pubic region in the most delightfully rockin’ fashion. ASG’s Mon Chi Chi features all-fingers/no wank guitarist Mark Arnold (ex-Big Drill Car) and singer-in-chief, John Kastner (ex-Doughboys). This time around, there are also two new members in tow – drummer Dean Bentley and bassist/singer Tom D’Arcy, who took Frank Daly’s (also ex-Big Drill Car) spot after Frank gave the final middle finger to touring. I’d like to give credit to you, Tom – those are some pretty fuckin’ big shoes to fill, and this record shows you’re down for the cause. Gold cuts here are “Running Blind," “Fascination Unknown," “Sweet Revenge," “Record of Hate," and “Taking Up Space." I have to admit that this CD has grown on me more and more as I’ve been spinning it lately, and I’m fully backing Mon Chi Chi, but I’m giving the absolute you-buy-this-fucking-CD-or-I’m-kicking-your-stupid-ass endorsement to their self-titled full-length debut. This one’s strongly recommended, but that first release is essential ASG bliss. Bands like the Ramones, Motorhead, ‘Mats, or Dramarama remind me a lot of ASG. Not so much the music, but how ASG is so “right under your fucking nose, dummy” good.

 –dale (