ALL OUT WAR: Truth in the Age of Lies: LP

A well-done reissue of a very important piece of metalcore history. This is from a time when there was no defined aesthetic for the genre; it was just something that happened when some punk kids from a few cities around the U.S. decided to try their hand at metal. The original run of this record came out over twenty years ago when these guys, along with bands like Integrity, helped set the scene for the Victory Records craze of the late ‘90s that turned into the awful Ferret Records bullshit that hit later and had less and less in common with the punk scene as it evolved into generic drop C riffs and karate moshing. This is a record by a group of five fuck-ups who had the same goals and intention of any other hardcore band at the time: put out a record, hang out with your friends, and maybe open for some good bands. How far have we fallen? There’s no point in talking about the way the band sounds, because I imagine that I won’t change anyone’s opinion by talking positively or negatively about them. I will only mention that this reissue sounds fucking fantastic. Organized Crime did a great service to the original design and sonic qualities of this record and it’s refreshing to see a reissue of a higher profile release that’s more than a shitty digital cut of the record thrown inside a flimsy cardboard sleeve for sixteen bucks.

 –Ian Wise (Organized Crime)