Mar 19, 2002

This band is so cute. If you think by the sound of their name that they would be fun to play at a barbecue on the beach in July, you are right! Along the same vein as the Microphones and Tiger Trap (among many other girl bands with simple, catchy guitar songs that make you wanna jump up and get a lime flavored Popsicle from the freezer). I have a few favorite tracks from this CD. Track 2: “Canadian Boyfriend” (enough said), track 3: “Car Trouble,” “He broke my heart and my car won’t start”, and track 4: “Later Operator,” where every girl sings a verse about one of their boyfriends oddities (one is shy, one never bathes) but they love them anyways because they are “Damn good ...” – you fill in the blank! They even have their own theme song which could be the title track for the soundtrack to the B-movie beach movie which takes place in the sixties appropriately titled All Girl Summer Fun Band. Hmmm... if only...

 –Harmonee (K)