ALL DOGS: Self-titled: 7”

May 20, 2014

Punks from Columbus keep putting out the good stuff. All Dogs, a three-piece group hailing from thereabouts, will be counting this 7” as their second release following a split cassette with Slouch last summer. Here, four roaming and low-distortion tracks talk friendship and punk love calamity in the Midwest. The band is tight, restrained, and thoughtful, but it’s singer Maryin Jones’ melodic voice that steals the ears, floats above the rollicking steadiness of her bandmates, and makes with the considerate and nuanced and heartfelt shit that’s needed after a winter of bloodthirsty potholes and piles of angry, grey snow. For me, All Dogs are going to be the band to see the week after I lose my gloves for good and slice my jeans into shorts. Check out “Buddy” from this 7” and “Annoying” from their split, which rocks only slightly harder than the new stuff. Available on creamy mint vinyl, delicious! 

 –Jim Joyce (Salinas,