ALICJA-POP: “I Play the Fool” b/w “Water Death": 7”

Jan 19, 2012

Incredible 7” from legendary Memphian Alicja Trout. Alicja-Pop is her power-pop outlet—sort of removed from her darker Lost Sounds/Black Sunday work. “I Play the Fool” has hints of the Rich Kids and The Breeders. B side, “Water Death,” is amazing. Alicja’s vocals and Ramones-inspired rhythm and lead guitar lines (Walter Lure) are supported by a great drum machine track and Theremin-sounding synth. Alicja continues to put out the greatest records with regularity. I’ve heard Billy Childish referred to as a “cultural treasure” of Great Britain. If that’s true, Alicja’s likely our best response. Recommended!

 –ryan (Certified PR,