ALGREN: A Wayward Sound Floods the Streets: CD with graphic novel

Jul 03, 2009

Wow, this CD comes with a lovely black and white graphic novel, with romantic, cartoony art reminiscent of the stuff done by Nate Powell. The story is about consumer culture ending the world. After checking out the awesome artwork and cool story, I was prepared to hear some fucked-up jazz or progressive hardcore. Instead, my ears were felched by modern rock at its most pretentious and ham-handed, played by sloppy musicians that you’d expect to see stinking things up with an Incubus cover at a high school battle of the bands. It’s interesting when pedestrian art inspires other, greater art—similar to how the movie Superfly was surpassed by Curtis Mayfield’s terrific soundtrack. While Superfly was a good movie with incredible music, A Wayward Sound Floods theStreets is a strong comic inspired by a weak band.

 –CT Terry (