ALEXIS GIDEON: Flight of the Liophant: CD

Jan 23, 2008

Alexis Gideon is what some might call “schizo-rap” (or at least that’s what his label calls him). At times I felt like I was listening to Silver Jews trying to do loosely formed hip-hop. Other times, it was just a mess of electronic beats and noises, worked in with higher pitched vocals. Sometimes the music produced an ambient, floating sensation. The last song is an Irish ditty with just voice and acoustic guitar. What the hell is going on here? Overall, the material seemed like a whacked-out Beck with heavy doses of Dan Deacon. I definitely enjoyed this more than I thought I might and it will grow on you in all its silliness and oddity, but it’s still pretty fucking bizarre. You can decide whether that’s good or not.

 –kurt (

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