Jun 01, 2009

The packaging that this CD came in is pretty sweet. It’s like a little zine, with the CD put in a plastic sleeve and stapled onto the last page. The drawing on the front is nice, and I would have liked to see more drawings on the other pages. Instead, the other pages had lyrics and then a short explanation of the impetus behind the song. On a couple of the copied pages the words go off the bottom of the page a little, so a bit more attention could have been paid to that, but, overall, it’s a nice little package. The music is kind of folk or anarcho folk or something like that, and, usually, Alex Loeb was on his own, singing and playing guitar. Not that he stinks or anything of the sort, but I preferred it when there were gang vocals and when Sara Mann sang with him. The CD wasn’t bad, but it just didn’t do it for me. This is not my favorite genre of music, so I think it has to be quite compelling or fresh for me to get into it. As it was, I think Mr. Loeb is very sincere and earnest and I get the feeling he really hopes to contribute to making the world a better place, which is excellent. I think his songs will make certain fans of the genre feel excited and touched. For me though, it just didn’t thrill. Favorite song is called “Money Can’t Buy You Clean Drinking Water,” even though, unfortunately, it sure enough can, sometimes.

 –Jennifer Federico (Raise Your Fist)