ALCOHOL FUELED: Self-titled: Cassette

Mar 18, 2015

This studied seven-song streetpunk demo from Ottawa has a heavy Ripcordz influence, confirming my suspicion that Canadian streetpunk has its own distinguished set of tropes and traditions. Clean, but not overproduced, this demo is supposedly a precursor to a full-length that is due out in 2015. Clearly fueled by more than alcohol, these guys can play. Sounding like something that would have appeared on the Pogo Attack compilation in the ‘90s, Alcohol Fueled makes me nostalgic for that fun-filled resurgence period of this subgenre. Watch for Alcohol Fueled if you’re into street sounds. This is easily one of the better releases of this type to emerge in ages, and it’s only a demo! 

 –Art Ettinger (Obnoxio Drunk Punk)