ALBERT SQUARE, THE: I (Assume I) Know What I’m Doing: LP

Mar 29, 2016

With The Weakerthans as the compass, The Albert Square explores narrative lyricism over sharp, distorted guitar chords and a driving rhythm section. Sim Castro’s voice is reserved and achingly melodic, emphasizing the lyrics: “When these houses are no longer homes now / and it feels like there’s nobody on your team.” Each song is poetic, situated in a particular time and place. Every few minutes you’re transported to a different American city and a relatable state of mind. Although the melodies are soft-spoken, the fuzz bass and Spencer Taplin’s vibrant beats keep the tunes from slipping between the cracks. The Albert Square has crafted a thoughtful record at a time when most human experiences are reduced to a 140 letter character limit. With poignant lyrics (“It’s hard being a black girl here in Missouri / when immaculate births are at the bottom of the list of your worries”) and catching hooks, I (Assume I) Know What I’m Doing should be shelved beside Fallow

 –Sean Arenas (Phat ’n’ Phunky,