Nov 26, 2012

Very well produced post-rock that has that repetitive, hypnotic thing going for it. I find that my mood greatly affects how I feel about this record and this genre in general. The whole of it reminds me of Explosions In The Sky (a comparison I’m sure both of these bands would scoff at), but with doomy metal parts thrown in. The Co-Pilot side has no vocals and just trudges on for a full ten minutes. It constantly feels like it’s building towards something, but it’s all tension and no release. While I see what they’re going for, I don’t think they do it very well. Some of the riffs build up considerable momentum, but they create a feeling of aggravation in you before just changing to something else instead of resolving the issue presented. If there was a narrative or real structure to it I could see the merit in their sound, but this all sounds like it was made to define itself with the aesthetic rather than accomplish a clear goal. The Alaskan side provides a clearer statement of intent, and the vocals do help steer the listener towards their endpoint, but I still feel like they may have just mic’d all the instruments and hit “record” with no clear idea of where they were going to go.

 –Ian Wise (Treaty Oak)

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