ALABASTER SKELETON: Stay Cool, Have a Great Summer: CD

Jul 03, 2009

This was a welcome musical relief for me. Twelve songs of crooning from what seems like a bygone era with a take on relationships that doesn’t sound naively antiquated. Everything here is really simple, straightforward, and delightful. Most of the songs are played on acoustic guitar with occasional keyboard or drums. Sometimes, this reminded me of a broken Buddy Holly or Elvis. Other times I felt like I was listening to that friend we all have who plays his songs on his acoustic guitar for you in his bedroom and you wonder why the hell he isn’t playing out because he’s that good. And, sometimes, he sounds like Steven Hawking (“Somethin’ Stupid”). A couple of the songs on here were mediocre and could have stood to be tossed. That’s not to say that they brought the album down, but there were just a few tunes that didn’t do anything for me. This album may not be the most emotionally draining listen from a singer/songwriter (i.e. Elliott Smith), but it’s honest and endearing and I’ll take that any day.

 –kurt (