ALABASTER SKELETON: Back in the Sad Hole Again: CD-R

Jan 07, 2008

Alabaster Skeleton is Harvest Moon Society’s Nick Zigler performing a nine-track-long solo adventure into the wild, unpredictable world of blunt honesty. While the musical tone of these songs may somewhat vary, the earnest crooning of lost love and lost faith remain constant throughout the CD. The musical change ups are never desperate for a style to cling to; rather they demonstrate Zigler’s talent and versatility. Everything from the Troggs-meets-Sonic Youth whirlwind of guitar on “Ten Little Indians,” to the Postal Service-inspired adaptation of Harry Belafonte’s “Jamaica Farwell,” is consistently high quality and remains interesting. With fast tempo-ed rock tracks placed sporadically within the majority of folk-esque and indie rock, Back in the Sad HoleAgain is a romp of a good time for anyone who appreciates well written songs of overwhelming candor.

 –Daryl Gussin (Griznar,