AKIMBO: Navigating the Bronze: CD

Dec 06, 2007

This is fucking MAN music. Well, by that I mean music that’s heavy and hard, like a man should be, not necessarily music to fuck a man to. Although, if you think about it, what could be much more MANly then a load of buff man flesh all getting it on with each other, preferably all while wielding implements of destruction like battle axes and double barrel shot guns... and doing it all in the back of a kickass conversion van with a giant black widow fighting a wizard on top of a volcano airbrushed on the side. That scenario is the music of this CD if it were to be given a visual counterpart. Navigating the Bronze has some of the heaviest drumming ever heard outside of a Melvins record, while the guitar and bass compete to see who can be the most punishing of all. And who can argue with a lyric like, “You’re going to kill some cats, surf on a shark, and then devour your young. It’s solid gold!” Pick this up if you’re into heavy stoner rock like Fu Manchu, or bands like the Melvins at their rockingest. There’s even an entire three-minute drum solo which takes up an entire track. As an added bonus, “Wizard Van Wizard,” “Dungeon Bastard,” and “Huge Muscles” are all tied for the toughest-sounding song names of the year.

 –Adrian (Alternative Tentacles)