AKIMBO: Harshing Your Mellow: CD

May 10, 2007

(This is a reissue of their 2001 release and while the bands I’m about to compare them to probably weren’t even around when it was released, I also have no idea whether they were influenced by this band. All I can do is use them for comparisons.) With that said, Akimbo has a pretty insane release here. They take the off-the-charts, super-charged guitar rock’n’roll aspects of the Bronx and mix it with the experimental “modern” hardcore of bands like Lickgoldensky. This album is consistently menacing, chaotic, and heavy as fuck. If you were already a fan of the band and its music, this re-mastered reissue comes with all new artwork and a cover of the Screamers’ “Vertigo,” which is really good and doesn’t compromise the band’s sound to the uniqueness of the Screamers.

 –Daryl Gussin (Alternative Tentacles)