AK-47: Self-titled: CD

Mar 04, 2010

Right off the bat, I will disclose that the members of AK-47 are friends of mine. That said, I feel that I can still review this properly since I was a fan of the band long before I met the personnel. AK-47 are a hardcore institution here in Victoria B.C., having released their first cassette back in 1997. Here we are, thirteen years later, and the band has just released what I can honestly say is their best. “But wait, Ty. You don’t even like hardcore!” Bullshit! I hate that jock metal that seems to pass for hardcore these days. AK-47 is a prime example of what a hardcore band should sound like in 2010. Hard, fast, and brutal, the disc is relentless in its attack on the laundry list of ills in our society. Governments, corporations, religion, and racists all get a taste of the fury. The songs are quick blasts that are over before you know what hit you, yet the message is clear. There is no “cookie monster” growling and “chugga-chugga” riffage here, just pure anger exploding in your ears. Imagine a spider monkey trapped in a small cage constantly poked and prodded by some clown with a stick. Well this disc is the soundtrack to the day that monkey gets out of that cage and exacts its revenge. It’s the sound of the desperation of the situation mixed with anger and vengeance. To answer a question posed by a song on the disc: Yes. Yes I have wanted to curbstomp my fucking boss from time to time.

 –ty (Reason)