AGRIMONIA: Host of the Winged: CD

Nov 02, 2010

I was very fortunate to catch this band from Sweden on their West Coast tour back in August. An amazing show. The music translated well in a live setting. I first listened to this CD before I saw them. I was captivated by the power they brought forth. It’s a dark, brooding mix of dark metal and Swedish crust. The first song clocks in at over thirteen minutes and instantly comes across as the color black. You are dragged along in the dark and can only imagine what might be just ahead; just the feeling of pain until the music charges forth and displays the power. Like war at night. Quiet until the artillery starts falling. Another image I have is the stories I have heard of long lasting night, where the sun never comes up and it’s a constant battle against depression. This is what I pictured in my mind when I saw them live and recorded. I really like the impeccable production on this release. The bass guitar punches through the mix with impact. The drums are hit with strong force and keep the rhythms and tempos intact. The guitars are bit clean for this type of music but they cut through with precision, adding to the layers of sound. The vocals are so low and almost guttural; it could be easily thought not to be sung by a woman. The nuance of keyboards adds subtle touches to the emotion. Over an hour’s worth of music to mess with your senses. Listening to this, I hope they come back again on these shores.

 –don (Profane Existence)