Jul 06, 2006

This is a double CD, disc one being a re-issue of the previously vinyl-only PCP Torpedo EP, and disk two is a bunch of remixes of what I guess are the songs on disc one. If you’re familiar with Agorophobic Nosebleed, you can expect more of the same: really fast computerized grindcore. One of these dudes is in Pig Destroyer, and his input is really the only part of this album that resembles anything that was even once hardcore or punk about this. The remixes sound like a Donkey Kong game being run over by a train at their best, and Aphex Twin or Atari Teenage Riot at their worst. The way the whole thing comes together kinda sounds like what watching Tetsuo: The Iron Man looks like. It gave me acid flashbacks and made everything smell and taste like gasoline for an hour or so. This album is cool, if you’re in the mood for a bunch of fucked up noises.

 –ben (Hydra Head)