Jul 24, 2007

This is some reggae that sounds like it could have came from a Trojan Records box set. Had I not seen these guys live a few times, I would have guessed this was recorded forty years ago in Kingston. I have some friends that I know would eat this up, but I personally find that old school style reggae is better in small doses because my attention tends to wane after two or three songs. That’s no knock on the Aggrolites though, because even my personal favorite reggae/ska artist, Desmond Dekker, is best experienced a couple songs at a time (except when I saw him roll through Hollywood a while back right before he passed on. That was sheer amazement). These guys exploit the grooves they lay down for all their worth with some nice vintage keyboard work, appropriately juicy bass melodies, and just the right blend of upstroked guitars and in the pocket drumming. Let’s not forget the soulful vocals either. This is a perfect accompaniment for sitting out on porch or stoop on one of those days that’s just a tad too hot, but all the better for it because of all the work it causes you to put off and just relax instead.

 –Adrian (Hellcat)