AGENT BULLDOGG: Vi Ar Tillbaks: 7”

Jul 29, 2013

The only thing I had heard by this band before they sent me this record was a couple of tracks on a compilation LP called Screams from the Gutter (which is a great midsection of Swedish skinhead and street punk bands from the late ‘90s that is easy to find in the U.S. and well worth your time). The band had been broken up for a while. They recently got back together and put this 7” out themselves. If anything, I think these four songs are better than the old songs from that comp. Sound-wise, imagine a mix of the Templars and Discipline and you’re getting close. The production is slick enough for everything to be heard and the catchy, melodic riffs cut through the rest of the mix well. Oi seems to be in vogue again recently and it’s cool to see some older bands sticking around/coming back and doing it right instead of putting out some load of crap so they have an excuse to tour with the Business. Get this!

 –Ian Wise (Self-released, [email protected])