AGATHOCLES / MPG: …and the Loser Is…: Split: 7”

I had to laugh when I found I had an Agathocles record to review. After all, they are the grindcore—err, sorry, mincecore—band known for being astoundingly horrible, yet, confoundedly prolific. I’ve occasionally been the last one to move out of a punk house and ended up with a bunch of abandoned seven-inches. There was often an Agathocles in there. Each of those have about ten tracks on them. If you’ve done punk for long enough, you might find it hard not to have an Agathocles record in your record collection somewhere. Which is where I’m at right now. Well-played, Agathocles. Joke’s on me. MPG play grindcore (slower than mincecore), shrieking and growling and blast-beating their way through six indistinguishable songs starting with “Magic Johnson’s got the Good AIDS.” 

 –Craven Rock (Rigid)