AGAINST THE GRAIN: Motor City Speed Rock: 10”

May 21, 2014

I will give this band credit for something: everything from the title of this record to the artwork gives an idea of exactly what they sound like. I was expecting a combination of Zeke-style speed and Hellacopters-style Scandi rock riffing. That is precisely what Against the Grain offer up. It is basically the style that labels like White Jazz and even Sub Pop were flooding the market with at the turn of the century: garage punk played at hardcore tempos. This band is as good as most but I have been burned out on this style for a decade and a half and am not likely to come back around. Fans of Gluecifer, Peepshows, Adam West, Puffball, and Roadsaw will want to be all over this Detroit band. 

 –frame (Self Destructo)