Against Me!: We’re Never Coming Home, DVD

Feb 26, 2007

I was a little apprehensive having to review this. I really had no idea what this band really sounded like. I did not have a copy of the much-lauded Reinventing Axl Rose LP or a copy of their latest, As the Eternal Cowboy. I think I have a track here or there but can’t recall them at the moment. So, I’m going in blind and feeling pretty green. While I have to admit that this is not in my realm of favorites, I do have a much greater appreciation for this band after watching this. This DVD takes a snapshot of their life during a one-month tour of the East Coast. You get to see performances of songs, the crowd’s interaction, and their hijinks. I really enjoyed the interview portions. I was able to see beyond the music and hear the thoughts from the people who created this music. Also, the additional interviews of random people added insight. In a geeky way, I really liked to watch how much the crowd participated with their sets. It’s always good to see a few hundred or so singing along word for word. The energy of the songs becomes so much more poignant. Another interesting sequence of events is that this chronicles their courting from the major labels. It’s interesting to see how a band deals with that type of situation once they get more popular. In the end, they stayed where they were. My attention level never wavered and I watched it from start to finish. For an old curmudgeon like me to not get huffy and turn it off is a good thing. –Donofthedead (Fat)