AGAINST ME!: The Original Cowboy: CD

Sep 23, 2009

The question isn’t whether or not this is a good album. I liked As the Eternal Cowboy just fine when it came out back in 2003. It was catchy and it seemed like they were singing about important stuff like being passionate and shit. The question with me is whether The Original Cowboy is really necessary. The deal with this CD is that it’s the release of the demo tracks the band made for As the Eternal Cowboy, but I can’t really tell the difference at all. The sound quality isn’t noticeably different, there weren’t really any major changes in the lyrics or song structures between the demos and finished product, and it’s not all that sloppier or tighter than what the band eventually put down for the finished album. Don’t lose any sleep about not getting this if you already own As the Eternal Cowboy, unless you’re an Against Me! completist. This feels like bonus tracks in search of a deluxe reissue. If you’re new to Against Me!, this album wouldn’t be a bad first pick to be introduced with, though, as it’s basically As the Eternal Cowboy with different packaging.

 –Adrian (Fat)