AGAINST ME!: The Original Cowboy: CD

Sep 23, 2009

There are people who absolutely love this band. I’m a guy that gets hot and cold depending on the mood. I was intrigued that this was in my inbox at HQ. They went major label, didn’t they? Haven’t really kept up since they left Fat. I look at the cover and see that Fat has indeed released this. Did they get dropped? Not that I can tell. I took a look at the promo attachment and saw that these songs are the demo recordings for As the Eternal Cowboy. I never heard that release, so I can’t make comparisons. What I can comment on is that they do make good music that is challenging and, at times, anthemic. Surprised that these versions of the songs weren’t used for the record. They have no elements of sounding like they are demos.

 –don (Fat)