AGAINST ME!: The Disco Before the Breakdown: EP (CD and 7")

Jul 09, 2009

I wasn't going to review this for stacks full of bias, but someone just asked me to tell them about the new Against Me! EP, and I figured that since I am writing this anyway... I like it a lot. Not quite as punk or sing-along as the last two releases, but that's not BAD. Tom from Against Me! told me that the 7" is better than the CD version. I like the cover photo because it had the guitar player, James, looking completely filled with passion, with the arm of some random crowd member leaning against him. Songs are as such: “Disco Before the Breakdown” – a beautiful, elaborate song about sexuality. Subtle message against homophobia. The horns... I have mixed feelings on. “Tonight We Are Going to Give it 35%” – God DAMN. My best friend and I had been having a breakdown in communication after a bad point in her life and she referred to these lyrics as exactly what she would have liked to have said. (Oddly, she and I toured with Against Me! just before this was recorded.) Blends Tom screaming his throat out with James singing and playing angelic melodies in the background. “Beginning in An Ending” – is a poignant, simple song that grows like a collage of unrelated material that somehow works together perfectly. Of course, go figure the song that has lines about reading my zines in it. (Seriously.)

 –rich (No Idea)

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