AGAINST ME!: Sink, Florida, Sink b/w Unsubstantiated Rumors: 7"

Jun 25, 2006

For the fans: two alternate versions of songs from the Fat full-length. For the collectors: the cover is a die-cut demented piece of work. Imagine if you will: Gingerbread Man 1 appears to be hugging his counterpart, Gingerbread Man 2. As you begin to open the cover to get at the music, you see that GM 1 has actually punctured GM 2's stomach and that because of your meddling, his hand is prematurely pulled back revealing the large wound. As you open the cover further, GM 1's hand is released (you can see the 7" at this point) and out of the gaping hole of GM 2's stomach spews his candy guts, all over the place in a rainbow upheaval of epic piñata proportions. Fuck yeah.

 –mrz (No Idea)