AGAINST ME!: Searching for a Former Clarity: CD

Jul 25, 2006

Against Me! has done it again! A fifty state tour, acoustic freebies and a brand new album to delight and entertain the masses. They definitely broke their mold on Searching for a Former Clarity. It is not an album that can be compared to either Reinventing or Eternal Cowboy. It's a new day, friends, and the boys of Against Me! are really working hard to keep things fresh. Let's start with the introductory song, “Miami,” a raucous sing-along devoid of bullshit. It's best to listen to it with a bunch of drunken punks that hate their neighbors. A well-crafted and well-played song that again is just plain fun to sing! I've never even been to Miami but it's like I know exactly how they feel. Track three gives AM! a chance to take a shot at everything from corporate whores to the military. Good song, but way too short. Track five, “From Her Lips to God's Ears:” I absolutely hate Condolezza Rice and this song just solidifies that fact. Track six, “Violence,” slows the pace of the album just enough to let you catch your breath for the remaining eight songs. Beautifully sung and very reminiscent of older AM! I wish it were acoustic, though. Jumping to track eight, “How Low” is a powerful song that touches even the most hardcore. Who hasn't asked themselves, “How low can I go?” I love Cassidy Rist on this track; she compliments Tom's voice so well, like two lovers discussing their future. Track eleven has by far the most morality to it. The boys from Against Me! give the audience a rare look into the rigors of touring, the pressure to perform and the industry's effect on real artists who love the craft but not so much the politics. Tears formed when I heard this song for the first time. The music, the vocals and the overall feeling of this song is heartbreaking, very similar to “Pints of Guinness.” This is definitely one of my all time favorites. Track thirteen, “Don't Lose Touch," reels you back into singing loudly with a catchy, hook-laden song that deserves top decibel car play and all the radio time it can get. It's a candy version of Against Me! that can be spoon-fed to the unenlightened. Not taking away from Tom Gabel or any of the guys from AM!, but this is a song that appeals to a broader spectrum of listeners and hopefully with encourage them to pick up the album and explore the wonderful world that is Against Me!

 –guest (Fat)

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