Jul 02, 2009

Against Empire: More of a live feel and a bit cleaner sound from what I have heard in the past from these SoCal punks. The included songs are more in the d-beat vein and I like that they are a bit faster and have more of a rocking feel to them than we have heard in the past. Previously, they incorporated crust and black metal elements. This has a more direct, slap-in-the-face appeal for me. Knowing them, I’m proud that they keep progressing and growing with each release. Auktion: From Sweden. Unfortunately broke up recently. I had heard they were going to come to the states to tour. I was hoping the singer would have finally gotten me my shirt he had promised to buy for me a few years ago and never came through. Two tight d-beat numbers of their own that blast through in maximum efficiency. They too add a rock feel to their sound, not swaying to metal.

 –don (Threat To Existence)