Aug 12, 2006

Back in the late ‘90s ska had its big revival (again). You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing someone playing ska/punk, punk/ska or skacore or whatever. At the start, I thought it was fun. Later, it was excruciating. At that same time, Against All Authority was getting lumped in there. Sure, they had some ska riffs, but they were pure punk rock. They were among the only bands from that era that held any interest for me and I’m pleased to report that it hasn’t changed. The tracks here rock. AAA isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. In fact, they have no problem ripping your skull open to tell you. I think this is the best stuff I’ve ever heard from the band. One track sports the ska vibe, but, as usual, they do it better than the glut of other bands that were doing it. Solid. The whole ska thing brings me back to Operation Ivy as well. I was never a fan. The only reason I have one of their records in my collection is because a friend of mine had two copies and he was right pissed off that I didn’t have it. I don’t hate it, but it sure as hell never worked me like it did for others. I’ve never bothered to listen to Common Rider until now just because I was never an Op Ivy fan. I would have to say that the songwriting has gotten better and having guys like Dan Lumley and Mass Giorgini in your band can only help. Yeah, I could see myself listening to this some more. Good split, but AAA are definitely the winners here.

 –ty (Hopeless)