AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY: The Restoration of Chaos & Order: CD

Jul 06, 2006

The songs have clever breakdowns and catchy choruses and the CD has fun cover art but despite such positive aspects to this album I’m not liking it as much as I liked All Fall Down when that LP first came out. Another interesting point to make as well: kind of like how Hopeless Records’ Falling Sickness began life as a band playing straight up ska and then evolved into something of the hardcore variety, their label-mates seem to be going through the same progression. Save for some horns here and there (just because songs have horns doesn’t mean it’s ska) this album is more akin to AAA’s most recent offerings. Not sure if you read that as a good thing or a bad thing (because let’s face it, third wave ska was horrid), so take that info as you will and go with your first instincts. Always.

 –mrz (Hopeless)

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