AFTER THE FALL: Presents Fort Orange: CD

Nov 11, 2009

Musically, this has the sound of Fat Wreck-era Rise Against. It has that really fast and complex- sounding (but not really technical) skate punk type of thing going on. There’s a hint of the later Propaghandi too because of some melodic bits floating here and there. So this is kind of like No Trigger or Crime In Stereo. Musically, this album does kick a fair amount of ass. As for the vocals… hmm, not bad but they lack oomph some times. Hard to describe how exactly, but it’s like they need a little more grit to really grab ahold. Lyrically, these guys seem to be pretty conscientious dudes, but the one line in the song “Thomas Philbrick,” where the dude sings “Do you remember that Millencollin record?!” sticks out like a sore thumb and always ends up being the only thing I can remember. So this is actually pretty good modern melodic hardcore, but I just know this album is doomed to go down in my mind as “The CD where the guy gets really heartfelt about Millencollin.”

 –Adrian (Raise Your Fist/ Ass-Card)