AFI: Sing the Sorrow: CD

May 21, 2003

I figured by the time this review is out, most of you will have been bombarded with information regarding this release. I’m listening to this right on the day of its national release and I have read a ton of articles on the band, so I decided to pass on format information that I got from the fine folks at There are three versions of the CD. The main version has black/red artwork while the other versions are black/silver and black/black. A vinyl release is slated from Adeline/Mordam as a double 12”. Afterwards, a special bound, book version will be released with an additional DVD. The European pressing will have two extra songs not included in the US mass release. What do I think of the new release? I don’t know why, but I’m thinking Rush meets Triumph. I like it and I believe many will. It’s probably the best straight-up rock record that the majors will put out this year. You have to approach it from a perspective that this is not the punk band you once may have remembered.

 –don (Dreamworks)