AFI: Decemberunderground: CD

Sep 05, 2006

To have this sent for review directly to me is sort of strange. I could understand when they were on Nitro that I would receive stuff. That was a small label that fitted the scope of this here rag. But to be on some large database for a band that needs no support anymore from the little guy and is covered by all the major magazines. I’m shocked that I got this CD. In fact, I didn’t receive the previous major label release. But I did get contacted by some big publicity company for the last album to do a live review and they overnighted me the tickets. I hope it’s thanks for supporting the band early on. I am not a hater of the band. I am still a fan. I went out to the store and bought the CD on the day it was released. I like it and listen to it often. But I do feel I don’t have to actually review it. AFI has their fan base and that base will influence new listeners. They already have been introduced and put in the work to be where they are today. Also, MTV is going to be more influential in recruiting new fans than what I write here.

 –don (Interscope)