ADVENTURES OF SADGIRL THE SUPERHEROINE #4, : $?, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 18 pgs

Nov 16, 2015

Written by a mother and illustrated by her daughter, this comic zine features a superheroine who helps women deal with everyday sexism and patriarchal bullshit. With its adorable drawings by ten-year-old Paloma, SadGirl surveys the world around her—from girls who have low self-esteem to adults being lied to about their appearances and problems. Using a magic eye necklace, our superheroine imagines a world where no one bullshits and everyone tells it like it is. Sadgirl ends this issue by advising us to never trust people’s words, only trust their actions. Wise words Sadgirl. Wise words. –Tricia (The Adventures of Sadgirl,