ADULTS: Self-titled: Cassette

The packaging here consists of a piece of paper folded around the tape and held in place with the ring from a six-pack. Pretty good. That same sense of scrappiness and using what you have is reflected in the music: nicely stomping New Orleans boom-bap punk with yowled vocals and little guitar leads here and there. It’s a little scuzzy, a little frantic, and a little hard to pin down. Reminds me of all those earnest and resilient Canadian bands putting out tapes via the Sharpie Fumes Collective. The kind of band that may never go beyond playing house shows—and may wind up being one of the raddest bands you ever see at a house show. Anyway, they’ve got cassettes and CD-Rs available, or you can grab this via Bandcamp, which might not be a bad idea at all.

 –keith (Adults)